One hundred thirty-eight phenotypic features were determined in 38 strains from diverse origin (Zairese fermenting palm saps, Mexican pulque, British spoiled beer, and sick cider). The similarity between all the strains was very high: 27 features were present, and 74 features were absent in all of them; 37 features were variable. By numerical analysis all strains formed one cluster above the simple matching coefficient of 0.88. There were no significant differences between motile and nonmotile strains or between sucrose-fermenting and non-sucrose-fermenting strains. A strain from sick cider in Bristol, United Kingdom, was a border case in its phenotypic features, deoxyribonucleic acid relatedness, and protein electropherograms. We propose: (i) to discontinue the use of the species name of and its subspecies subsp. and subsp. , and to include all of the strains in this species in ; (ii) to consider as a and as a synonym of We concluded the following from our data: That is the only species in the genus so far; that all the strains of our collection except one belong in subsp. , the type strain of which is ATCC 10988; and that the cider sickness organisms belong in subsp. (Millis) comb. nov., with type strain T. H. Delft (= strain I [Barker] = ATCC 29192).


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