According to the statutes of the ICSB (, 1976 revision), subcommittees should make recommendations on minimal standards for the description of new taxa in their field of taxonomy, for the purpose of establishing validity of publication. It has further been decided by the Editorial Board that IJSB will serve as a forum for discussion of proposals for minimal standards, which are considered tentative until given final approval by ICSB (Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 25:96, 1975). The Subcommittee on and Allied Bacteria has generally agreed upon recommendations to ICSB on minimal standards for description of new taxa in the genera , which are herewith presented. The proposal specifies the minimal requirement for tests (or types of test) employed and does not in any way limit the extent of investigations beyond this. Suggestions are welcomed for improvement of the proposed standards and for the possible use of the standards in the description of species and subspecies in other genera with genetic relations to (, which by some taxonomists may be considered as a partial objective synonym of , and hypothetical new genera).


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