For the first time strains of Skuja, A and G, have been obtained in pure culture from lake water. The morphological variation of these strains exceeds the species distinctions of the previously described members of the genus and those of the closely related and little studied other members of the family , such as Naumann, Cholodny, Berger, Brusoff. Studies of the developmental cycle and physiology have shown that the newly isolated, -like bacteria belong to the genus of the family Cohn and Dimmick. The type species of this genus, , and also the species and have been shown to be capable of oxidizing manganese and iron, thus forming morphological structures characteristic of It is proposed, therefore, that the family be abolished as an independent taxonomic entity and that the naturally occurring bacteria so far described as species of be considered growth forms of species developing under specific conditions of habitat. Strains A and G of are regarded as belonging to a new species for which the name is proposed. The strains have been deposited in the All-Union Collection of Microorganisms and have been assigned the numbers BKM-B N 1122 and BKM-B N 1123, respectively. Strain BKM-B N 1122 is designated as the type strain of


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