Obligately anaerobic, filterable microorganisms have been isolated from the rumens of cattle and sheep. On the basis of typical colonial appearance, lack of cell wall, filterability through a 450-nm membrane filter, absence of reversion to a bacterial form, and inhibition of growth by homologous antiserum, these organisms fit the description for organisms in the order They exhibit unique cultural, biochemical, and serological properties, and we have thus placed them in a new genus, is the type species of the new genus. Strain 6-1, a sterol-requiring strain, has been designated as the type strain of and has been deposited in the American Type Culture Collection as ATCC 27879; a non-sterol-requiring strain, number 161, has been deposited as ATCC 27880. The relationship of to , an anaerobic mycoplasma possessing extracellular proteolytic and bactoclastic enzymes, is discussed.


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