The nomenspecies Manns 1909 and Rosen 1922, causal agents of leaf blight of oats and leaf blight of corn, have been compared with respect to their physiological and biological properties as described in the early literature. Except for a few minor physiological characters, most of the properties were identical to those determined herein with isolates obtained in Georgia and Florida and with the “lecto” type strain (ATCC 19860). All isolates of were closely related genetically as judged from deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)-DNA reassociation experiments. On the other hand, DNA of failed to reassociate with DNA of fluorescent 5D417 and PA146 isolated from sorghum or the nonfluorescent PA13 isolated from wheat. isolates also possessed DNA of relatively high guanine plus cytosine (G+C) content (72.2 mol%) as compared to the 57.8 mol% G+C of


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