Six isolates, comprising a new species of , were isolated from grivit monkeys recently imported from Ethiopia. These isolates metabolized both arginine and glucose but not urea. Growth occurred anaerobically and aerobically in media containing 20% horse serum or 1% serum fraction but not in media without serum. By metabolic-inhibition and indirect immunofluorescent techniques, these strains were shown to be serologically related to each other but unrelated to 9 other species from man and monkeys as well as to HRC/292 simian isolates and 26 species isolated from other animals. By immunodiffusion techniques, major sharing of antigenic determinants with the human strains was not observed. Although the host-parasite relationship of these isolates has not been determined, at the time of isolation they were not associated with disease in the grivit monkey. On the basis of these findings, we propose that these new isolates be recognized as constituting a new species, for which we propose the name . The type strain is MK 405 (=ATCC 27625).


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