The deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) from phenotypically unusual strains were compared to each other and to reference strains of existing genetic groups. In the “pathogenic” genetic complex, three groups emerged as genetically distinct. Representative examples of these groups were strain Van Tienen, strain Veldrat Bataviae, and strain Iowa City Frog. The serologically different strain Muenchen 90C, strain RGA, and strain Kabura were found to be closely related to strain Van Tienen. The “saprophytic” genetic complex also contained three inter-related groups. The representative examples were strain Patoc I, strain CDC, and Turtle strain A-183. Strain 3055 of serotype appeared to have unique nucleotide sequences and was placed in a third genetic complex of its own. Partial relatedness between DNA could be emphasized by increasing the salt concentrations in the incubation media. This could not be attributed to the methods of annealing but appeared to be dependent upon the genetic relatedness between the heterologous DNA.


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