The serological relationship between 125 strains of and was analyzed by means of the comparative immunodiffusion technique. Two reference precipitation systems, and “, were utilized. Most of the tested strains had one to three precipitinogens in common with the and the “ reference strains. Most of the mycobacterial and most of the nocardia strains examined seemed to be serologically related to the two reference strains to an equally large extent. Eight strains, either designated , or “, revealed a close serological relationship with the reference strain, and so it might be justified to consider these strains as belonging to one taxonomic group. Ten other strains, designated , or “, displayed a close serological relationship with the “ reference strain, and they may therefore be regarded as belonging to another taxonomic group. Eight strains with the designations , or “ showed little serological similarity to either of the two reference strains. Thus, the present taxonomy of a number of strains of and seems questionable since some strains were found to be serologically different, although referred to the same species, whereas some strains, referred to different species, were serologically closely related. The classification and nomenclature of such strains should, therefore, be reconsidered.


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