Relatedness among soft-rot-producing organisms of the genus Waldee was assessed by means of interspecific deoxyribonucleic acid reassociation followed by chromatography on hydroxyapatite. Relatedness was also determined between pectobacteria and representatives from all other established genera of the family . The results indicate five distinct groups of pectobacteria: (i) (Jones) Waldee, including (Townsend) Holland, (van Hall) Jennison, (Harrison) Holland, and Harrison; (ii) (Lightle et al.) comb. nov.; (iii) cornstalk-rot bacterium and (Burkholder et al.) comb. nov. (including McFadden, Chester, and f. sp. ); (iv) (Hori) comb, nov.; and (v) (Millard) Patel and Kulkarni. Relatedness between groups of pectobacteria is 20 to 50% except between the group and strains of , which exhibit 60 to 70% relatedness. With few exceptions, the pectobacteria are 20 to 50% related to other members of the family . The data presented support the inclusion of pectobacteria in the family .


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