A serological investigation of 45 swine erysipelas strains showed that among strains of different origin there are some with the same serotype designation that differ serologically, and there are others which have different serotype designations but which belong to the same serotype. To put an end to the resultant confusion, it is necessary to use both a uniform serological method (the double agar-gel diffusion precipitation test which employs autoclaved antigen and type-specific sera seems to be the most suitable) and a uniform system for designating the serotypes. It is proposed that Arabic numerals instead of letters be applied to serotypes of according to the chronological order in which the serotypes are described. Strains belonging to one serotype but differing in their antigenic structure can be differentiated by small letters placed after the numerals. The letter N is used to designate swine erysipelas strains which do not have a type-specific antigen.


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