Among the five generally recognized species in the genus Meyer and Shaw, a type strain exists only for Stoenner and Lackman. Described herein are the characteristics of (Schmidt and Weis) Meyer and Shaw, strain 544 (ATCC 23488); Huddleson, strain 1330 (ATCC 23444); (Hughes) Meyer and Shaw, strain 16M (ATCC 23456); and Buddle strain 6690 (ATCC 25840). Each of these strains has features similar to those reported for the original isolates of the species, each simultaneously fits the revised species descriptions and, when viewed in toto, these strains reflect the current concept of this genus. Thus, in accordance with the recommendations of the International Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of the Genus these strains here are designated as the neotype strains of these species. Because three of the species in this genus are divided into biotypes that are of epidemiological significance we have, again at the recommendation of the International Subcommittee, selected a representative strain for each biotype for use as a reference. The characteristics of each of the reference strains are also described herein.


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