A critical study of the present state of the classification of vibrio-like, curved, microaerophilic bacteria was made. The species originally described under the names Doyle, Jones et al. Prévot, and Florent are transferred to the genus Sebald and Véron 1963. The authors suggest that the type species of this genus, be divided into two subspecies: subsp. (Smith and Taylor) comb. nov. (syn. subsp. Florent), which contains the neotype strain of the species, and subsp. (Florent) comb. nov. The previously described subspecies subsp. Elazhari is regarded as an infrasubspecific taxon with the name subsp. biotype CIP 5396 (= ATCC 27374 = NCTC 10842) is proposed as the neotype strain of subsp. This strain, then, is also the neotype strain of (Smith and Taylor) Sebald and Véron.


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