It is shown that the genetic determinants of type-specific antigens 1 to V of Shigella controlling similar functions are localized near the lactose-fermentation region on the chromosome; the determinant of antigen VI lies beyond it. The authors support the proposal that serotype 6 be excluded from and be considered as a subspecies in correspondence with the Soviet scheme of classification or even as a distinct species as Slopek and Mulczyk suggested. Genetic arguments based on the different behavior of strains in recombination with K–12 Hfr are presented which support the division of serotype 5 into two subtypes, a and b, in correspondence with a similar division of other serotypes. The advisability of this division is confirmed by receptor analysis demonstrating differences in group-specific factors in strains of serotype 5. The antigenic formula of subtype 5b is V:7 … and of 5a, V:4 ….


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