sp. ATCC 407 ( ATCC 407), a metabolically active organism, uses maltose, maltotriose, and maltotetraose but not glucose or other carbohydrates as carbon sources. Organic acids (e.g., succinate, lactate, acetate) and amino acids (e.g., dicarboxylic, alanine, histidine, and lysine) are used more readily than maltose and maltodextrins. The organism uses ammonia as a nitrogen source provided that the medium contains thiamine, biotin, methionine, and a suitable carbon source (e.g., succinate). In a medium containing biotin, thiamine, and methionine, glutamine or glutamic acid served as single sources of carbon and nitrogen for growth. Some characteristics of ATCC 407 are presented for consideration by the Subcommittee on Taxonomy of Staphylococci and Micrococci of the International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology before any decisions are reached concerning the status of . However, on the basis of the available evidence, it is suggested that ATCC 407 should not be designated as the neotype strain of the species and that the name should be placed on the list of as a .


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