Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) was purified from cultures of 16 strains that, on the basis of physiological tests, appeared to be strains of (although one was named and two were called ). The DNA base composition of 15 of these strains, as determined by the thermal denaturation technique, was within the range of 37.0 to 40.2% guanine plus cytosine. The relative nucleotide sequence homology was measured by DNA-DNA hybridization on nitrocellulose membrane filters. The DNA from most strains hybridized with the DNA from other strains to the extent of 69 to 100% of the level of homologous binding. Limited studies indicated that under the conditions of these studies there was less than 12% homology with the DNA of several pediococci, one enterococcus, and one strain of .


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