In 1906, Morgan described a new bacterium, referred to merely as “Bacterium No. 1,” which he isolated from the intestines and feces of patients suffering from infantile diarrhoea. The first to name this organism were Winslow et al. (1919), who called it (sic). Subsequent authors transferred Morgan's organism to a number of different genera. Among these was Rauss (1936), who stated that Morgan's bacillus belongs to “the group,” but who did not use or propose a scientific name for the organism. In 1939 Yale described Morgan's “Organism No. 1” under the scientific name “ (Winslow et al.) Rauss.” The questions arise whether the name was validly published and, if so, by whom? It is clear that Yale was the first to propose the name , although he attributed the name to Rauss, apparently because Rauss was the first to suggest placement of Morgan's bacillus in . Therefore it was Yale, not Rauss, who validly published the name , and Yale, not Rauss, should be cited as the author of this name. ATCC 25830 (ATCC 8076h; NCTC 235), described herein, is designated as the neotype strain for Yale.


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