The phototrophic red sulfur bacteria presently are placed in a family named Molisch. However, this name is illegitimate because it was not based on the name of a genus. Of the genera placed in this family, five have familial names based on them. All of these names were published by Bavendamm in the same paper and, on the basis of page priority, , with type genus , is the correct name of this family. Nevertheless, the genus Perty, which is the type genus of Bavendamm, is the best known and most studied genus of the red sulfur bacteria. Consequently, the Judicial Commission of the International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology is asked to conserve the familial name Bavendamm over the earlier subjective synonyms Bavendamm, Bavendamm, Bavendamm, and Bavendamm. The family Bavendamm is emended to contain the genera Perty, Winogradsky, Winogradsky, Winogradsky, Winogradsky, Schroeter, Winogradsky, Winogradsky, Winogradsky, and Pelsh.


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