The agent of bovine tuberculosis has been recognized at various times as a species or as a subspecies in the genus Lehmann and Neumann. Although the organism is closely related to (Zopf) Lehmann and Neumann, the two species are clearly distinguished on the basis of differences in their rates of growth, pathogenicity for certain animals, and biochemical reactions. To date, however, none of the scientific names applied to the bovine tubercle bacillus has been validly published. It was recommended by the Judicial Commission of the International Committee on Nomenclature of Bacteria that the name (a name frequently used for this organism but not validly published) be reintroduced for this organism. Consequently, we propose as the name for the bovine tubercle bacillus and provide a description of the organism, together with a designation and description of the neotype strain (ATCC 19210; W. D. Yoder 18802–887).


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