More than 50 characteristics for each of 120 strains of Schaub and Hauber 1948 were compared with the characteristics of the type strain of , American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) 19606, to explore the parameters of the strains. The incidence of each character among the 120 strains is expressed quantitatively. These strains of the species have a definite reproducible biochemical reaction pattern by which the species may be expediently recognized. is a validly published illegitimate name according to the International Code of Nomenclature of Bacteria. The oldestknown available legitimate name for this species appears to be (Schaub and Hauber) Bourlat 1953, 43. De Bord's (1942) description of does not fit any of the 120 strains of studied. von Lingelsheim 1906 and are not senior synonyms for . The proposed neotype strain of , the type strains of , and subsp. are identified as strains of . None of these 3 names is a senior synonym of .


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