Steel and Cowan (1964) designated Schaub's Biol. 1 as the type strain for Schaub and Hauber 1948. However, this strain was not included among those originally studied by Schaub and Hauber (1948) and cannot be recognized (Rule 9d, Note b, Intl. Code of Nomenclature of Bacteria). One of the original strains used by Schaub and Hauber (Schaub 81, American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) 19606, RH 2208) is here designated as the type for Schaub and Hauber 1948. The morphology, physiology, and per cent guanine plus cytosine of strain 81 are described and more than sixty characters of the strain recorded. The characteristics of strain 81 were found to be in good agreement with those given in the original description by Schaub and Hauber (1948).


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