Lysenko (1961) cited CCEB 472 (NRRL B-12) to identify the strain he proposed as neotype for Pseudomonas pseudomallei (Whit-more) Haynes 1957. He thus incorrectly signified that CCEB 472 and NRRL B-12 are different designations of the same strain. In fact, they are strain numbers of two different microorganisms. The correct citation is CCEB 472 (NRRL B-1112). The error has been perpetuated and compounded in recent catalogues of the Culture Collection of Entomogenous Bacteria, of the Czechoslovak Collections of Microorganisms, and inadvertently of the American Type Culture Collection. Histories of the confounded strains are presented and the relationships among the accession numbers in various culture collections are shown as aids in untangling the confusion that has developed.


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