Background: Although Cytomegalovirus (CMV) reactivation is not uncommon in critically ill patients, it has not been studied for cirrhotic patients in Liver-ICU.

Methods: CMV reactivation (CMV-plasma-DNAemia; ≥ 500 IU/ml), risk factors and clinical outcomes were assessed among sero-positive non-immunosuppressed critically ill cirrhotic adults at day 0, 7, 14 and 21 in Liver-ICU.

Results: Of 94 consecutive patients in Liver-ICU monitored, 55(48 men) patients were enrolled. Overall, 20 critically ill cirrhotic adults showed CMV reactivation with a median day for follow-up of 11 (IQR: 8 to 18). Majority (n=17/55, 30.9%; CI: 19.1-44.8) showed CMV reactivation at day 7. During 21-day follow-up, incidence rate/density of CMV reactivation was 2.75% per person-day (95% CI: 1.68 - 4.26% per person-day).Total leucocyte count (day 0) was an independent risk factor for CMV reactivation (adjusted OR: 1.15, 95% CI: 1. 00-1. 32, p=0.04) with cut-off point of 19.05 (AUROC: 0.696, 95% CI: 0.547-0.844, p=0.017). Increased nosocomial infection (p=0.009), SIRS (p=0.01) and ARDS (p=0.04) were observed at day 7, coinciding with CMV reactivation during Liver-ICU stay. ICU-Mortality (61.8%) did not significantly differ with and without CMV reactivation. (55 % vs. 65.7%, p= 0.43). Patients with CMV reactivation experienced early death and slightly longer stay in Liver-ICU. (Log rank p=0.06 and 0.17, respectively).

Conclusions: CMV reactivation occurs frequently with leucocytosis being an independent risk factor among critically ill non-immunosuppressed cirrhotic adults. Although CMV reactivation was associated with more severe organ dysfunction during Liver-ICU stay, it did not significantly influence ICU-mortality and Length of Liver-ICU stay.


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