Audits at Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust have identified inappropriate prescribing of gentamicin. Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) interventions in hospital have increased adherence to antimicrobial prescribing policies2.


Pre-intervention data were collected by the antimicrobial pharmacist in January 2018. Interventions were then completed and included: oral presentations, targeted reviews and teaching sessions. Inappropriate indications or doses received routine AMS intervention. Following interventions a second audit was completed in May 2018 to measure improvements in prescribing. A second intervention was the introduction of a 5 day review service of prescribed gentamicin and a third audit was completed in August 2019 to demonstrate a sustained improvement.


In total, 25 patients were audited in January 2018, 24 patients in May 2018 and 29 patients in August 2019. The three groups were similar for age, sex and reason for admission. The proportion of patients receiving an appropriate initial dose of gentamicin increased from 13/25 patients (54%) to 19/24 patients (79%) and again to 27/29 patients (93%). The proportion of patients that had the subsequent dose of gentamicin prescribed appropriately increased from 9/25 patients (36%) to 20/24 patients (83%) and again to 29/29 patients (100%).


This project demonstrated a sustained improvement in gentamicin prescribing following a series of pharmacist-led education and training sessions, one to one training, presentations at governance group meetings and the introduction of a 5 day pharmacist review service. The sample was limited to those patients who had levels taken.

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