BACKGROUND: UK’s 5y (2019-24) national action plan on antimicrobial resistance(AMR) projects 1 death/3 seconds(global) by 2050, if AMR rise not tackled. Accurate diagnosis of infectious condition and prompt optimal antibiotic/s are corner stones of any antimicrobial stewardship(AMS), sepsis programme and reducing mortality. We present our experience of developing a novel paperless E-referral pathway for all infection consultations from hospital and primary care to spearhead the hospital AMS and sepsis programmes.

MATERIAL/METHODS: Hospital webdesigners customized existing software application (www.nervecentresoft [http://www.nervecentresoft/]ware.com) & developed user friendly E-referral system (includes basic clinical details, referral urgency/coloured flag and grade/contact of submitter); it auto populates patient demographics and ward location from patient information system. Reports can be generated to query agreed parameters (&KPI). E-referrals accessible both on hospital computers or iPhone/iPAD.

RESULTS: AMS (Apr18-Mar19): >13K ward/phone AMS interventions; total referrals:13,312; 9438(70.1%) responded in 60-min;11923(90%)120min; E-referrals/d: 30-80; Referral Peaks: 3pm & 11am; Referrals from hospital [10,709(80.2%)], GP/prim care [2654 (19.8%)]; Clinical areas: [eg. male cardiac:491(3.6%); HDU:793(5.9%), etc]; E-referrals addressed/consultant [eg. Consultant A(4590(34.3%), etc]. Details & graphs to be presented.

CONCLUSION: E-referral pathway has spearheaded trust AMS & sepsis programmes. Urgent referrals are picked without delay; KPI of referral response within 60mins; significant reduction in calls for consultant Infection via switch board or medical secretaries; auditable workload figures for team to inform UKAS inspection, new consultant business cases or quality matrix; improved accountability and informs annual appraisal / job plan.

  • This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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