The emergence of multidrug resistant bacteria has driven the need for novel antibiotics. Lichens naturally produce a wide range of unique defence chemicals and have already, historically shown medicinal efficacy. Antimicrobial properties of Lichens were investigated. Ten common churchyard species were sampled and extracted in acetone, namely , , , , subsp. , , , , and . Extracts were impregnated into filter paper discs and tested against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and two fungi using the disc diffusion susceptibility test method. Extracts of , , , and showed inhibition against Gram positive bacteria. , and also inhibited the dermatophyte fungi tested. Further studies should isolate their metabolites in order to find the agents responsible for the antimicrobial activity. These agents may or may not be novel to medicine but could be of current medicinal interest.

  • This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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