Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) is an opportunistic pathogen with a high mortality and morbidity rate. It has many mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics, which makes it hard to treat. Pyocin is a protein that is produced by P.aeruginosa that kills related strain bacteria. pyocin type S bind to ferrisiderophore receptors that uses the TonB system to translocate into the bacterial cell. The aim of this study was to express and purify receptor and translocation (R+T) domains of pyocin S1, S2 and S3 plus the TonB1 receptor and ToLAIII receptor of P.aeruginosa to determine if pyocins S uses these to transverse the inner membrane of target cells. IPTG was used to induce the protein in the expression and analyzed by SDS-PAGE gel, giving fragment size of 11 kDa (ToLAIII), 23 kDa (TonB1), 45 kDa (S2 R+T) and 79 kDa (S3 R+T). Protein purification was cried on the four proteins using affinity chromatography technique by His-tag in C-terminal of S2 and S3 R+T domain, N-terminal of TonB1 and ToLAIII proteins. In addition, Gel Filtration chromatography was used to further purify the proteins so that the interaction between them could be tested. This study confirmed that the proteins used is expressed and purified, so in the future study the gel filtration would be carried out for R+T domains of the other S pyocins and TonB1 protein so that the interaction would be tested between the proteins in the study.

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