The National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC) is a bacterial culture collection which is taxonomically and biologically diverse. NCTC holds approximately 6000 different strains from over 900 different species; among them strains originally isolated in the 19th century, strains for use as controls as stipulated EUCAST and ISO guidelines, type strains on which the description of bacterial species are based and other strains from a variety of backgrounds. The remit of NCTC is to provide authentic bacterial cultures of medical and veterinary interest to the scientific community, to support and enhance the reproducibility of scientific research and to improve global public health. To fulfil this remit, remain scientifically relevant and to preserve the legacy of contemporary medical bacteriology for future scientists, NCTC accessions strains of clinical significance: such as recently circulating and outbreak strains, diagnostic escape mutants and strains with novel antimicrobial resistance profiles. In 2018, 166 bacterial strains were accessioned into the NCTC and made available to the scientific community. These include NCTC 14052: a reference strain for emergent hyper-virulent K. pneumoniae, 4 type strains of newly described bacterial species, 82 strains accessioned from the Murray Collection of pre-antibiotic era Enterobacteriaceae and 8 strains with antimicrobial resistance mechanisms previously unrepresented in the collection, including NCTC 14208: a N. gonorrhoeae isolated from an instance of combined ceftriaxone and azithromycin treatment failure. Through literature review we have highlighted their value to the scientific community, both in their own right and in the context of bacterial strains already held by the NCTC.

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