Infections account for >20 % of all deaths worldwide, and are particularly problematic in low-middle income countries (LMICs), with bacterial infections killing approximately 5 million people annually. The crisis of antimicrobial resistance means our options for controlling infections are narrowing. Vaccines are a cost-effective approach to prevent infectious disease. However, there are many bacterial infections against which we lack any licensed vaccine. The BactiVac Network (birmingham.ac.uk/bactivac), was launched in August 2017 and is led by Profs Cal MacLennan and Adam Cunningham. BactiVac is a global bacterial vaccinology network established to accelerate the development of vaccines against bacterial infections, particularly those relevant to LMICs. BactiVac brings together academic, industrial and other partners involved in vaccine research against human and animal bacterial infections from the UK and LMICs. The Network fosters partnership and provides catalyst pump-priming project and training funding to encourage cross-collaboration across our membership. Full details are available on our website. BactiVac has >600 members across >60 countries with 39 % based in LMICs and 10 % in industry. Membership is free – join us at bit.ly/apply BactiVac Benefits of membership include: Access to catalyst funding – third round for pump-priming projects closes 5 May 2019, open call for training awards Invitation to subsidised Annual Network Meetings–next meeting will be held in March 2020 Access to Members’ Directory – to develop collaborations and access distinct expertise. We encourage you to become a member, be involved in this initiative, and to be part of its growing success now and in the future.

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