Welcome to the publishing platform of the Microbiology Society

The Society publishes six key journals in microbiology:

We also produce a quarterly magazine, Microbiology Today. Each issue focuses on a topic, and topics are chosen with the aim of covering all fields of microbiology. As well as themed articles it also includes advice on publishing, policy, professional development and public engagement. The Society also organises international scientific conferences as well as producing educational resources, symposium volumes and policy documents.


The Society's Mission is: Advancing the understanding and impact of microbiology by connecting and empowering communities worldwide.

To help achieve this we produce high quality, sustainable, innovative publications that deliver high value to the Society, its members and the worldwide microbiology community.

Publishing Committee

The Society's publishing activities are overseen by the Publishing Committee. The Publishing Committee support the success and sustainability of the Society's academic publications by defining the Publishing Strategy, which is approved by our governing body, Council.

How does the Society invest its publishing surplus?

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Society invests its publishing surplus in activities which promote and support microbiology. Activities include organising international scientific conferences that offer microbiologists excellent networking opportunities, and providing a range of grants to support the professional development of members. The Society also promotes the understanding of microbiology to a diverse range of stakeholders, including policy-makers, students, teachers, journalists and the wider public, through a comprehensive framework of communication activities and resources.

Open Access

The Society supports sustainable open access models which maintain the scholarly publishing environment that is fundamental to how microbiologists improve, validate and share their research.

We have demonstrated our support for sustainable open access through our open access option, OpenMicrobiology and by launching two gold open access journals: Access Microbiology and Microbial Genomics.

You can read our policy statement which summarises our position on open access or find out more about our gold open access option, OpenMicrobiology.


The publishing department is staffed by an innovative team whose expertise includes editorial, production, product development, sales and marketing. Visit the Who's Who page to find out who we are.

We are committed to delivering the best service and a high-quality publishing platform to our customers.

By working with third parties including Ingenta, Aries Systems and Copyright Clearance Center who are leaders in their field, we are ensuring that our published content is highly discoverable and disseminated as widely as possible.


In close collaboration with the microbiological community, the Society has launched two new gold open access journals in the past two years. If you have an idea for a new publication, our product development team would like to hear from you.

If you would like to work more closely with the Society, visit the Microbiology Society website to find out more about the Society and what we do.

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