News : Abstract submissions invited for the Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Avian Viruses Focused Meeting

26 April 2016
Later this year, the Microbiology Society is hosting the Focused Meeting Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Avian Viruses, which will be held at Charles Darwin House, London, UK, from 27–29 September 2016. The abstract submission for the meeting is now open and is due to close on Friday 3 June. Key topics at the meeting will include: molecular biology and genetics of avian virus replication; tropism and host range restriction; pathogenesis of avian viruses; host antiviral responses and virus immunomodulation; and new and improved approaches to the control of avian viruses.

You can get updates on the meeting by following the hashtag #Avian16 on Twitter. Further information on the Focused Meeting, including details on how to register and the list of speakers, can be found here.

The Society offers a number of grants to members at all stages of their careers, to help with costs associated with attending these meetings. For further information, please visit our grants page. The Society’s Journal of General Virology welcomes article submissions on avian viruses. More information about the scope of the journal and information on submitting a paper can be found here.
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